During his State of the Union address on Tuesday, President Trump tried to sell America on his big, beautiful wall by claiming El Paso’s low crime rate is a direct and immediate result of our longstanding border wall.

Meanwhile in El Paso, we were all surprised to learn we had once lived in such a violent and lawless city. His misinformed declaration, however, was great fodder for some social media snark.

Two Twitter hashtags in particular made for hilarious smartphone reading: #themostdangerousthingaboutelpaso and the similarly titled #mostdangerousthingaboutelpaso. They're funny cause they're true.

I. Noriega‏ @inoriega3
#TheMostDangerousThingAboutElPaso Whataburger drive-thru after HS football games

Meli Jane‏ @poisongirlx01
#themostdangerousthingaboutElPaso is believing the waitress when she tells you the salsa isn't "too" spicy.

Eddie‏ @EP_idiotbox
#TheMostDangerousThingAboutElPaso is the…New Mexican drivers

Joanna Rodriguez‏ @joaniitap
#themostdangerousthingaboutElPaso the bathroom after eating a double from Chico’s Tacos.

Caj‏ @Charlie_A85
#mostDangerousThingaboutElPaso Gualmar on a Sunday

Joanna Barbacoa‏ @JoannaBarbacoa

#mostDangerousThingaboutElPaso is the Cielo Vista parking lot during Christmas season!

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