As the week goes on, it doesn't look like El Paso will be out of the spotlight anytime soon. If you were present at the President's Make America Great Again rally on Monday at the El Paso County Coliseum then you may have noticed some interesting characters. There was Uncle Sam.

Emily Slape

And on the way in many people were able to interact with Bricky the Border Wall!

Emily Slape

Bricky was outside the coliseum talking to the people in line, pumping up the crowd and asking supporters of the wall their thoughts. I didn't get to interview Bricky the Border Wall, mainly because I was trying to figure out where to go, but our digital managing editor Emily was able to snap that pic on the way in.

Well it turns out that Bricky was all a prank! It was a lie! While yelling out "Build the Me!" and interviewing many supporters of the wall, no one would have guessed that he was just a plant from The Daily Show! That's right, Bricky was a lie!

Bricky was billed as an "official" mascot for the rally and yet none of us realized he was just a prank! Bricky was so convincing that Jimmy Fallon actually believed it and used it in his monologue the previous night. Jimmy said:

“Someone actually showed up to the rally wearing a wall costume. Looks like Spongebob's conservative uncle. He was having fun until someone dressed as the Kool-Aid man tried to run right through him.”

No matter where you stand on the wall issue, I think we can all admit this is actually pretty funny!