El Pasoans are having fun as they join in on the Bernie Sanders memes frenzy.

Welcome to El Paso, where you can spot Bernie Sanders sitting around comfortably all over the city.

Earlier this week, during the Presidential Inauguration, a picture of Bernie Sanders sitting alone in his chair waiting for the inauguration to start started to make the rounds on social media. The image quickly gained traction online as the image was used to create endless memes of Sanders casually sitting around everywhere, including El Paso, TX.

The image shows Bernie Sanders sitting with his legs and hands crossed over, wearing a parka, wool mittens, and a face mask. The picture was the perfect amount of comfort and chill wrapped up in one vibe, instantly becoming the spirit animal for many on social media.

Politics aside, the hilarious Bernie Sanders Inauguration memes are bringing the country together in a feel-good moment of levity.

Jumping in to make it easier for folks to create their own memes, a guy named Nick Sawhney created a site to superimpose the image of Bernie Sanders anywhere in the world using Google Maps Street View. Make your own Bernie Sanders meme - Click HERE.

El Pasoans joined in on the fun of creating their own Bernie Sanders memes around El Paso, sitting around Wet n Wild Waterworld, in front of the original Club 101 building, on the cover of Khalid’s album, in local art and local business fronts and so many other places.

As the collection of Bernie Sanders memes keep growing daily, so is the interest in the wool mittens that he wore for the inauguration.

It turns out the gloves were from Jen Ellis, a second-grade elementary school teacher who gifted the pair to the Vermont Senator a few years back. As the public’s interest grows for the tan and brown cozy-looking mittens, Ellis says that she is completely sold out. Ellis took to Twitter to say:

Bernie Sanders has become the first official viral meme of 2021, giving us something to unify and laugh over during a time when tensions are so high.

Thanks to the viral image of the Senator sitting in a chair, his campaign store just dropped its official merch featuring the meme-worthy seated silhouette helping out those in need with all proceeds going to Meals on Wheels in Vermont.

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