Banish 'Bill' Memes
If you've scrolled through your Facebook feed in the past week or so, you've probably seen a drawing of a stick figure accompanied by some sanctimonious advice.
The judgy meme, called "Be Like Bill," is the latest annoying internet sensation, which has become even more exasperating of late …
10 Internet Memes That We Can’t Live Without
What would the Internet be without the creation of memes? A boring place we go for information, thank goodness for funny memes! here are the top 10 Internet memes we can't live without.
I never really understood the Dragon ball Z meme until now, pretty funny and now I will have to start using it…
Valentine’s Day Memes For Singles
Valentine's Day is almost here and I don't want to leave out the single peeps! These memes could either make you smile or feel completely alone. Grab some chocolate, a cat and enjoy! Just remember, my goal is to make you smile!
Cowboys Lose – Season Ends
So the Cowboys lost last night, and it put an end to their season.  No chance for Super Bowl glory.  Awwwww.....  Now that the injury part of the season is over, it's time to pile on the insult!