On September 13th, I painted a cat wearing a sombrero on the Franklin Mountains. I accomplished something I thought I would never do. I didn't always envision my first painting to be of a sombrero cat but here I am with this masterpiece I created at Craft & Social's Paint & Sip, which was in collaboration with I Painted That.

My creativity blossomed during one of the awesome Beer, Bites, & Beats experiences 93.1 KISSFM hosted around town. This experience was something I always saw on Facebook or Instagram and told my girlfriends we should do but failed to get together and actually do it.

I was finally able to push my best friend and I to sit down and let our lives be on pause. When walking into Craft & Social you are just hit with this chill vibe. You instantly feel like putting your feet up on the couch, sipping on something good and talking about the good ol' days. The photo below is the whole class who were so much fun to paint with but please forgive me for looking like The Nun's cousin.


I want to thank Craft & Social for helping make one of the many local dreams I had come true. Even if it was something as simple as painting a cat wearing a sombrero on the Franklin Mountains. I want to pay that forward by asking you guys to help Omar Vazquez achieve his dreaming of owning Craft & Social. He has a kickstarter you can donate to in order to help his reach his dream, after managing Craft & Social for so many years. Any little bit helps, so I hope you can continue to help the local community out anyway you can while on your computer or mobile device. A crazy world we live in where it is so easy to connect and help each other right?

Craft & Social: Paint & Sip

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