We all enjoy the best of times at a beer festival that goes down in El Paso. Lots of locals enjoyed 915 Beer Fest and Beer Bites and Beats over the years.

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Well, a local brewery is doing it again except this time around it is called Borderland BeerFest. It is the town's largest craft beer festival that is this month.

If you've attended beer events before then you know about the excitement that is to come. There are all sorts of vendors, artists, music, and to save the last for best, craft beer.

Plus, Borderland BeerFest welcomes all ages so parents, yes your kids are invited too. But if your kids are already 21 and over then get ready to raise a glass together and do cheers.

Borderland BeerFest is where you can enjoy a glass of DeadBeach Brewery beer as well as other brewery guests. Plus if you get the munchies there will even be food trucks around.

Borderland BeerFest will be on Saturday, April 30 from 2 pm until midnight. So you know what that means, we just need to survive the rest of whatever this month throws at us until then.

But if you're a fan of craft beer you won't want to miss this fun block party. Plus it is the one time you can enjoy different breweries all in one place.

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