We've all complained about our boss a time or three. And, honestly, how many of us would love to tell them what's really on our mind?

If only there was a way to let the whole world know what you really think about him or her but anonymously -- like, say, while wearing a mask during an on-camera interview by a hugely popular late night television talk show.

In honor of National Boss' Day (10/17/16),Jimmy Kimmel Live hit the streets of L.A. and gave passerby's a chance to express how they felt about their boss in a skit titled "Hide and Speak." 'Hide' because they were allowed to conceal their identity under a mask to "ensure that the answers were honest."

You can't get any more honest than "Andrew from El Paso, Texas"

When asked if he had anything to say to his boss, the server at a Village Inn here in town put his boss, Serena, on blast calling her several expletives and "the laziest person on earth."

When told he'd given up way too much information about himself and that his boss would probably know that was him behind the mask, "Andrew" pulled it off, looked straight into the camera and said, "Alright, then, f*** you Serena."

Hide and Speak El Pasoan gif


You handled it like a boss, Andrew. Happy National I Need a Job Day, bruh!

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