Oh my, was that ABC-7 at Noon anchor Denise Olivas dropping the F-bomb on live TV?

Yes, but not really. Olivas is just the latest news person made to sound obscene on late night talk show host Jimmy Kimmel's weekly feature, This Week in Unnecessary Censorship.

For the uninitiated, the staff at Jimmy Kimmel Live! scour the television world for news reports, interviews, and other harmless TV moments that can be made to sound X-rated with the addition of a carefully placed bleep or two.

In Denise's case, the Channel 7 anchor/reporter and Betty Hoover from the Humane Society were talking about January being Walk Your Dog Month. Of course, the word they chose to censor made it sound like they were talking about something much more filthy.

Olivas and Hoover can been seen in the video below at around the :45 second mark.

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