Dave Grohl and Kristen Bell hilariously cover the Snowman song from the hit Disney animated film Frozen.

Dave Grohl, front man for the band Foo Fighters, was hosting the Halloween edition of Jimmy Kimmel Live as Kimmel was out all week on vacation. Grohl chose to dress up as former late night host David Letterman and Kristen Bell dressed up as Tom Selleck’s character in the TV series Magnum P.I. from the ‘80s.

As the two chat along, Grohl brings up that his daughters love the songs in Frozen so the two decide to sing the Snowman song but soon the song turns into a Metallica mash-up. It’s hilarious to watch especially because Dave Grohl pretty much looks exactly like Letterman and Kristen is trying her best to sing just like James Hetfield of Metallica.

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