Audience members who attend a live taping of the Jimmy Kimmel Live television program might find themselves the center of the talk show host’s -- and the web's -- attention.

During a commercial break, Kimmel often chats with those in attendance. This past May, Jimmy singled out Brian and Julie Hernandez from El Paso. The humorous exchange between the couple and the host was featured in a web segment on the late night show's  Youtube channel.

In the course of the conversation, we discover two things about the Hernandez’s: Brian works as a parts inspector, and the couple was in Los Angeles celebrating their anniversary.

“Do you inspect all manner of parts or is there one specific part you’re looking at?” Jimmy asks Brian. “Mostly everything,” he replies before quickly adding, “but honestly, I just like skim through it.”

Jimmy Kimmel Live via Youtube
Jimmy Kimmel Live via Youtube

His answer is met with laughs from both the audience and Jimmy, who quips, “And then blame it on the Japanese, right?”

The irreverent talk show host then finds out they were in L.A. celebrating their wedding anniversary. “Every once in a while do you give her a good inspection?” he asks Brian.

“Yeah. She’s actually due for one tonight,” Brian responds to cheers and laughter.

Jimmy then turns his attention to Julie, quizzing her about her job working for a foot specialist. Check out the amusing video below.

UPDATE: Don’t worry about Brian’s job status. We're told he won’t be getting into any trouble because he doesn't actually work for Toyota. Word is the show producers told them to entertain so that's what they did.

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