Alright, so let’s have a moment of honesty right now. Most of us can agree that we have probably shouted a few vulgar words whenever we were stuck in traffic due to construction.

Maybe we yelled at the driver in front of us, or the bright orange cones blocking us from entering a street. And then some people have probably yelled at TXDOT in general for all of this construction!

Well, some people have gone as far as sharing their frustration with TXDOT on social media because well, apparently that’s the thing to do now.

TXDOT decided to have a little fun with a few mean tweets and they had a few TXDOT workers read the mean tweets out loud and the workers replied to some of these not-so-friendly tweets.

Courtesy: TXDOT Facebook
Courtesy: TXDOT Facebook

If you’re not familiar with ‘Mean Tweets’ it originally started as ‘Celebrity Mean Tweets’ on Jimmy Kimmel Live.

Celebrities would read mean tweets that were shared about them and they would respond to the tweets in real time.

Some celebrities would laugh it off and others would find a good comeback to the mystery tweeter!

TXDOT’s version of ‘Mean Tweets’ followed the same concept and TXDOT workers who read the tweets out loud would find themselves either laughing at the mean tweets or they would give the commenter a piece of their mind.

Look, I’ll admit that at times I have been extra frustrated with all this construction in El Paso, but it hasn’t gotten to the level where I insult someone’s mom!

Courtesy: TXDOT Facebook
Courtesy: TXDOT Facebook

Kudos to TXDOT for having some fun with all the negative comments they get online.

Sometimes beating people to the punch line is the best way to go so I applaud the staff at TXDOT for having the last laugh!

(But seriously, can we get Pellicano Street fixed soon. Please.)

Watch The Full Video Here:

TXDOT Mean Tweets


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