The brother of District 1 City Representative Peter Svarzbein was featured in a Jimmy Kimmel Live skit Wednesday night (Jan.10).

Jonny Svarzbein appeared in a fake ad that poked fun at a real Ikea advertisement that has women urinating on an Ikea ad that has a pregnancy test attached in order to get a special discount on a crib.

The Franklin High School graduate played the part of a pitchman for a nonexistent Los Angeles furniture company one-upping Ikea by offering a discount for any customer that comes in and “pees on any piece of furniture in the store.”

Jonny, who is two years younger than Peter, currently lives in Los Angeles where he is a comedy writer, actor, and comedian.

A handful of other El Pasoans have showed up on Kimmel in recent years. Last May, Jimmy singled out Brian and Julie Hernandez in a humorous exchange. The couple and the host was featured in a Behind the Scenes web segment on the late night show's Youtube channel.

"Andrew from El Paso, Texas" became Internet famous in October 2016 after appearing in a bosses day man-on-the-street skit that featured the Village Inn server putting his boss on blast.

ABC-7 reporter/ anchor Denise Olivas also made a brief appearance on a show skit in 2016. Olivas was made to look like she dropped the f-bomb in Kimmel's weekly feature, "This Week in Unnecessary Censorship."

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