It looks like Tom Brady is getting his 5th Super Bowl ring.

The El Paso Zoo’s prognosticating pachyderms picked the Patriots to pull off a victory. (Try saying that 10 times real fast!)

In what has become a new zoo tradition, the zoo's Asian Elephants, Savannah and Juno, emerged from their home the day before the NFL championship game to find two helmet shaped piñatas filled with treats set out for them — one with the Patriots logo on it, the other the Falcons’.

The two unanimously went for the New England papier-mâché helmets, thus going on record with a Patriots victory.

El Paso Zoo
El Paso Zoo

This was Savannah and Juno’s 4th Super Bowl prediction.

Per my own personal meticulously kept records, the large mammals have gotten it right two of the last 3 years.

Last year they both went for the Denver Broncos, who did indeed go on to win Super Bowl 50.

The two years before they agreed on Seattle with mixed results. The Seahawks lost to New England in 2015, and won versus Denver in 2014.

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