Who's going to win the Super Bowl game on Sunday, Kansas City or San Francisco? Ele-phi-know.

And I'm not placing my bet, either, until after the El Paso Zoo's resident elephants make their Zooper Bowl predictions this weekend.

The prognosticating pachyderms make their Super Bowl LIV pick at 2 p.m. this Saturday, February 1 at the El Paso Zoo’s elephant exhibit. The event is free with zoo admission.

In what has become a zoo tradition, the zoo's resident Asian Elephants, Juno and Savannah, will emerge from their home one day before the big game to find two helmet shaped piñatas filled with treats set out for them — this year one will have a 49'ers logo on it, the other the Chiefs. Whichever they go for first will be their pick.

They're not bad at the picking game, either, although Juno has a slight edge over Savannah.

Last year they both chose the L.A. Rams helmet, but alas the Patriots beat the Rams 13-3 to win a record-tying sixth Super Bowl.

El Paso Zoo/City of El Paso
El Paso Zoo/City of El Paso

The year before (2018), Savannah chose the Patriots helmet and Juno chose the Eagles, who went on to win. In 2017 they both went for New England, who come from way behind to stun Atlanta.

In 2016 they were unanimous in picking Denver, the eventual winner, and they agreed on Seattle in 2015 and 2014 with mixed results. The Seahawks lost to New England in 2015, and won versus Denver in 2014.

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