Happy Birthday to the new Przewalski horse born at the El Paso Zoo.

A new Przewalski horse has been born at the El Paso Zoo to adult Przewalski’s horses, Brianna and Vitalis.

This is great news coming from the El Paso Zoo as just last week they announced the sad news of the death of Zephyr, a Mexican grey wolf.

This exciting news plays a vital role in the El Paso Zoo's conservation efforts of the endangered species. Back in 2018, the first filly “Misha” was born and was recently transferred to a facility in Minnesota to acclimate to winter conditions before making another journey to the Orenburg Reserve located in the Preduralskaya Steppe in Russia. These Przewalski horses will then be released into 16,500 hectares of prime horse habitat that will sustain and the Przewalski’s horse to also breed in the wild.

The Orenburg Reserve hopes to have 100-150 wild horses by the year 2030, and with the El Paso’s Zoo help in such efforts will help ensure the long-term conservation of the valuable Russian steppe habitat and restoration of its key species.

Zoo staff will continue to closely supervise the new Przewalski horse and will determine when the animal is able to make her public debut for the public to come out to visit her.

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