Every time it rains on the east side, the drainage pond at Album Park fills up with water and every time it fills up with water, people swim in it.

Yeah, you might want to rethink that.

City officials say stop going into the water in Album Park because not only is there stuff like oil residue from cars in the water, there is also really disgusting stuff like animal feces in the water.
Every monsoon season, Album Park does what it is supposed to and takes in the runoff that flows down from surrounding streets and neighborhoods and collects it all in the ponding area. Unfortunately, it takes along all the stuff on the streets as well, and you could be swimming or walking in a pretty toxic soup.

There are signs up all over the park that warns of swimming in the ponding area, but there is no fence around it, so if you choose to get in the nasty water, you can, but City officials say they are not liable for anything that happens to you.

Stay out of that water. It's gross.