Dwayne Reed is an adorable, first-year teacher who wanted to make sure his fourth graders felt welcomed by him and excited by the new school year. He filmed an amazing video of him telling his soon-to-be students all about himself and all about what they could expect in his class.

His smile and enthusiasm is so infectious, and the thought that he was concerned enough about how his students would be feeling about coming to his class that he made a video to put them at ease is just the sweetest thing ever.

Dwayne said he didn't want to just put out a newsletter like all the other teachers, he wanted to put out something that would get the kids excited to be in school. Parents and students got to check out the video on Tuesday, and Dwayne says he's gotten great feedback, but now he knows he has to top his amazing start to the school year.

I'm sure this teacher will find the way to do that!