From college to high school, graduation season across the borderland is here!

UTEP graduates walked the stage to receive their diplomas earlier this May and soon high school seniors will have a chance to walk that stage too.

To celebrate the graduates of 2023 we asked El Pasoans to share some advice they have for the graduates that they could use in their lives today and El Pasoans delivered!

Some advice I wish I knew when I was in high school and other advice is just pretty funny but very accurate.

Robert Churchill

Here’s El Paso’s Advice To The Graduating Class of 2023:

"Put down your phones and look up. Talk to people around you, live your life instead of looking at everyone else's on social media."


"Protect your knees and back."


"Take care of your credit score!!!"


"Do what you love! Don’t let anyone make you follow a career path that is “safe”. You will be miserable."


"Don't be afraid to stand up for yourself. You worked hard for what you got and you deserve dignity and respect. Good luck kiddos! You got this!"


"Don’t be too much in a rush to move out of your parent’s house. Find some room mates if the parent situation isn’t good. The economy is rough. Help pay the bills and save up some cash because you will have to pay lots of deposits."


"Do what makes you happy. In 30 years you won't have to worry about having regrets."


"Not everyone’s path is the same. There is no correct generic order to do things. When you figure out what you want to do in life, stay consistent." 


"Always wear sun screen and not just on your face; TRUST me on this one! Also, set up a 401K or equivalent as SOON as you start working."



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