New Years Eve is right around the corner and some people are already working on their "new year, new me" strategy. Many will fail.

I'm proud to say that I haven't failed at my new years resolution in 20 years. That's when I resolved NOT to make any more new years resolutions. Yep, I'm 20 and 0.

Not that there is anything wrong with resolutions or self improvement for any reason at all. It's the failure rate(s) which, I think, cause folks to feel worse about themselves instead of better.

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According to lifehacker, 80% of "resolutionists" don't follow (all the way) through on these things which leads to them being bummed out when they fail or give up.

That high failure rate is quite often because we overreached.

If you are going to set a goal for 2023, keep it real.

Don't decide you're going to hit the gym for 2 hours a day, quit drinking and start a charity. Stick to what you feel you truly can accomplish. Some are capable of amazing things but, sorry, most aren't.

With that in mind, here are some popular new years resolutions El Pasoans should avoid:

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Eating only healthy and/or vegan meals.

Really? In the Mexican food capitol of the world? With delicious, highly cholester-ated, probably fried, goodness on every corner? Stick to eating "better" or "less". Don't go for full on healthy, Mexican food will win.

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Doing a good deed everyday.

Only if you never drive. Anywhere. 5 minutes in El Paso traffic and/or construction will cripple any urge to love your fellow man. I've seen Buddhists come out of their vehicle ready to throw blows. Just try to be a little nicer. These days, that's enough.

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Going to bed early.

Just don't try to be in bed by 10 every night. As long as Netflix and Hulu keep coming up with these cool series', you're going to keep binge watching on work nights. (I finally finished Stranger Things around 3am night before last.)

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Seriously, with the right mindset, you can do ANYTHING. Just accept reality, keep things simple, (at first anyway), and, should you fail, don't stop. Just start again.

For some advice on how to set a goal and pull it off, click that link, this link and/or this one.

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