A new spooky video of, well, I’m not really sure what, is the latest possible paranormal activity captured on film from inside the hallowed and haunted halls of El Paso High.

Is this latest creepy AF image the mysterious ghost girl of El Paso High School? Or is it the spirit of the cheerleader who, according to school lore, took her life in the early 1920s by jumping from a school balcony and is said to wander from room to room to this day?

El Paso High School is so steeped in paranormal myth and legend it could be any number of entities and restless souls said to haunt the Lady on the Hill.

The latest spine-chilling clip was inadvertently captured on camera just this month by a local paranormal group. Borderland Paranormal Investigators was filming what they refer to as a “walkthrough” of La High, and it was during the walk around the outside of the campus that they recorded something lurking in the dark.

Borderland Paranormal Investigators via Youtube
Borderland Paranormal Investigators via Youtube

As investigators Josh and Joseph shine a flashlight across the building’s façade, a mysterious figure suddenly appears in one of the windows. Whoever or whatever it is looks like it is moving or shimmering or something. It appears both transparent and dark, if that’s even possible.

The guys were not aware of their capture at the time so you only see it for a couple of seconds before they shine the flashlight towards the next window.

Borderland Paranormal Investigators via Youtube
Borderland Paranormal Investigators via Youtube

Check out the video below. I’ve forwarded it to the section I’ve written about.

El Paso High School Walkthrough - Borderland Paranormal Investigators (2021)

The Borderland Paranormal Investigators video is reminiscent of a smartphone recording that went viral in June 2020. In that clip, two guys are filming El Paso High School from somewhere in the area of Tom Lea Upper Park. The video zooms in on what appears to be a shadowy figure illuminated from behind looking out of a top floor window. “What is that?” someone filming asks. “It looks like a (expletive) man,” he answers.

Suddenly, the light in the background turns off and the window goes dark. “Oh (expletive),” the person filming exclaims. “It just disappeared.” The camera lingers on the darkened top floor and we hear the guy ask rhetorically, “What the (expletive) was that?”

Did Borderland Paranormal Investigators unwittingly capture the same paranormal entity? Was it the El Paso High School ghost girl? We report, you decide.

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