Yesterday was a big day for some El Pasoans when they were spotted on national television.

If you watched the Dallas Cowboys game on a screen yesterday, November 7th, then you may have possibly spotted these El Paso signs.

I always find it exciting to spot El Paso fans in a huge crowd that is outside El Paso city limits.

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A couple of Dallas Cowboys fans from El Paso made plans to not only watch the Denver Broncos vs. Dallas Cowboys at AT&T Stadium but to represent El Paso while they did it.

When you're going to an NFL game out of town you can't really sport an El Paso shirt since you prefer to sport your favorite team jersey or merch.

But when you also can't help but want to represent El Paso, you will find a way like this family. They made sure to make two posters that read "Reppin' 915 #ElPasoStrong Go Cowboys" to hold with pride.

El Paso Family Caught on Camera

Luckily 2021 NFL Highlights YouTube video is your way of seeing the proof for yourself. You will be able to spot the family with their El Paso last-minute signs.

It was during the second quarter of 2021 NFL Highlights shows the El Paso family waving their signs high and proud while getting a few seconds of fame on television.

Unfortunately, the game Chaz Jiron and his family went to see was a loss for the Cowboys, but they still had a blast representing El Paso. Even if you aren't a fan of the teams it still is exciting to see El Paso fans on national television.

Regardless of the loss, it was neat to see an El Paso family's signs caught on camera during the game. You can catch their seconds of fame during the 2nd quarter with less than 4 minutes until halftime from the 2021 NFL Highlights YouTube video below.

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