Alright, so if you haven’t heard the news yet….CABS ARE HERE!! In reality TV terms that means that the cast from MTV’s hit reality TV show, Jersey Shore, was in the borderland this past weekend!

The cast made their way to El Paso on Thursday to film an episode while supporting their friend and fellow cast mate, DJ Pauly D as he made a club appearance at a local nightclub.

El Pasoans did not wait to share their “sightings” of the cast. Now, eventually, some people did share ACTUAL sightings of the crew but not before ya'll put your photoshop editing skills to good use.


The first “Fake” Jersey Shore cast sighting was of none other than Snooki. Leo aka @leo_kardashian on Twitter shared a tweet in all caps reading, “I JUST SAW SNOOKI AT THE BIG LOTS ON GEORGE DIETER.”

Ok, now even though Snooki probably has tons of money to splurge I can still see her heading to Big Lots for a good bargain. Why not!?

Leo’s followers did not believe him so he backed up his tweet with a photo….. A photoshopped photo of him and Snooki right in front of the furniture section in Big Lots. Classic!

Leo eventually did see Snooki while the cast was partying at Ricky D's in east El Paso but he wants able to get his selfie because...COVID.

The next Snooki sighting was from Adam who shared a photo on his Facebook page of Snooki getting arrested.

His caption read, “Snooki just showed up to the Pebble Hills Regional command center.” If you’ve watched Jersey Shore before you’ll understand why this photo made me chuckle. Oh, Snooki.

And then there was a DJ Pauly D sighting! Pauly D is OBSESSED with his hair so it was only fitting that he would show up at a local barbershop!

Local barbershop, Chuco Barbas, shared a photoshopped picture of Pauly D posing inside of the barbershop with the caption reading, “Pauly D stopping by the shop.” The caption was followed by a hashtag saying haters will say it's photoshop…… oh.

But in all seriousness though, this photo gets an award for best photoshopping skills!

Well, I probably won’t be seeing the cast while they're in El Paso so for now it looks like I should probably get to photoshopping some photos of Vinny in my selfies!

Courtesy: Iris Lopez
Courtesy: Iris Lopez

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