Pokemon Go has taken over the world, but El Paso Electric says play if you want, but stay off their property.

El Paso Electric says they're thinking of your safety when they tell you to not play on their properties. Electric equipment on their facilities could pose a huge danger to you if you follow those Charizards and Squirtles onto EPE locations.

EP Electric officials say remember these tips while you're trying to catch them all:

· Substations are dangerous. Do not enter them or attempt to climb over fences.
· Do not trespass or enter onto EPE property that is not permitted.
· Be cautious of your surroundings and stay away from any EPE equipment such as power lines, transformers, etc. when playing.
· Trees can pose a danger, before climbing a tree, check for nearby power lines.

Keep these tips in mind, and stay safe while playing Pokemon Go.

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