Don’t go downtown this Saturday, September 24, to support local vendors at the Downtown Art and Farmers Market. They won't be there.

City Representative Isabel Salcido
City Representative Isabel Salcido

The market is “temporarily relocating” from its cozy downtown spot in the Union Plaza District and heading to the wide-open space of the Beast Urban Park in Far East El Paso again.

El Paso Downtown Artist and Farmers Market is a year-round, outdoor artisan market that features original arts and crafts, food trucks, regionally grown agricultural products, and entertainment from local artists.

The weekly market calls the Union Plaza District home most Saturdays, but a couple of times this year it has pulled up stakes and popped up in other parts of town.

This past August, Beast Urban Park hosted the longtime downtown tradition for an evening, and in June the market relocated to Memorial Park to celebrate the return of Art in the Park.

Touring the City

El Paso Downtown Art and Farmers Market
El Paso Downtown Art and Farmers Market

This Saturday’s move is the first of two back-to-back pop-ups for DAFM away from downtown.

On the 24th, the market will be at The Beast Urban Park located inside the Eastside Regional Recreation Center at 13501 Jason Crandall from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.

Then on Saturday, October 1, it will spend the mid-day at the Westside Community Rec Center & Dog Park at 7400 High Ridge on the west side.

“We want to tour the city and highlight some amazing Parks and Rec facilities that are available to the public,” organizers told me. “After that we’ll come back to downtown to celebrate Chalk the Block."

Many of the usual downtown vendors and merchants, local food trucks, and performing artists you know and love will tag along at each temporary location.

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