As more reports come in about El Pasoans who have tested positive, many were shocked today to find out that a Las Palmas doctor and El Paso Firefighter have tested positive, according to

On Monday, March 30th, multiple reports starting coming in about the shocking news of the first healthcare worker who tested positive for COVID-19. This physician has shared information that has helped officials contact other employees who may have come into contact with the physicians.

On the same day, an El Paso firefighter has also tested positive for COVID-19 has could have possibily infected 30-40 other firefighter. Now these numbers are scary, but do not panic.

El Pasoans need to stay home, instead of panic and run to stores. The best thing we can do for each other is to social distance and not go out if we do not have to. Things are going to get worse, according to reports, so please believe the reports when they mention it.

Stars Who Were Tested for the Coronavirus

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