Today is the day the whole city comes together to celebrate the official ground breaking of the Downtown Triple A Ballpark!  There will be banners flying, marching bands, kids and parents embracing our City officials who brought us....... yeah, ok, not everyone is happy.  I got it.  But it's happening, so here are the details.

Downtown El Paso Ballpark Ground Breaking Today courtesy populous/mountainstar group

City Hall came down a little over a month ago, and now that the site is clear, City officials will join community leaders, representatives from Minor League Baseball, the Pacific Coast League, the San Diego Padres Baseball organization, and MountainStar Sports officials to ceremonially start the construction of the ballpark.

A tight construction schedule will result in El Paso’s first ever Triple A ballpark, something Mayor John Cook called a historic event for the city.

Earlier this week, the budget for the ballpark was set at $52.8 million, which included $800,000 in legal fees incurred by the City to fight opponents of the park, including Sal Gomez, who called today “a depressing moment”.

If you haven’t already gotten one of the 500 tickets given away, you’re out of luck.  There are no more left, but in a year, you can see the finished product!

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