Christmas present shopping is tough to do. Whatever your present is, it represents how you feel about the person who is getting the present. You might get something that is too personal or not personal enough, or you might overwhelm someone a little too soon in your relationship. Here's a handy list of Christmas presents that you should stay away from so you have a merry Christmas:

1. Perfume - This seems like a great present, but if you get a new fragrance rather than one that someone already uses, they might think you hate the way they smell or you that you want them to smell like someone else you like better. Best thing to do: Buy the perfume they already use so you don't have to assure her for the rest of your life that you didn't buy the perfume because the spritzer girl was a hottie.

2. Kitchen anything - A cookbook she didn't expressly ask for? "Oh, so you hate my cooking?" An appliance she didn't point out to you online and tell you that's the one she wants? "Thanks. I guess now I'll be chained to the oven/mixer/stove." Dishes? "WHY DO YOU HATE MY MOM'S DISHES??" Best thing to do: Save the money and your life. Take her to the after-Christmas sales and if she picks something out, buy it then.

3. Exercise equipment - You really want to die, don't you? She might say she wants a Peleton, but here's how she will really feel about it. Best thing to do: Spend the Peleton money on a beach vacation and make sure you tell her how great she looks in her bathing suit.

4. Lingerie - Ok, look, if we want to buy a latex bra and panty set with matching stilettos, we know where to get them. It's no Victoria's Secret that when you buy those unmentionables you are really getting yourself a present. Best thing to do: Make her feel sexy when she's wearing her schlubbiest sweats and she'll Amazon the sexy stuff on her own.

5. Oral B - A toothbrush? Really? You bought her a present from the same place she goes to pick up

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