What is a hostess gift and do you really have to give someone something when they invite you to their house for a holiday party? A hostess gift is a nice little present that shows you appreciate being included in the part, and yes, your Tia Titi says you have to give one to the hostess of a party. You'll notice this list doesn't include wine, which is unusual for me, but it's too obvious. These gifts are different and much more special.

It might seem old fashioned but if you go to a summer barbeque at a friend's house, you probably bring along a bag of chips or a six-pack of beer don't you? Same thing at the holidays, but here are a few things that are a little fancier and make you look super cool.

1. Abuelita hot chocolate and two fancy mugs - A box or two of instant Abuelita hot chocolate and two pretty mugs will give your hostess and significant other something to look forward to after all their guests leave.

Cups of hot cocoa
Jaren Wicklund

2. El Paso Museum swag - Our local museums have really cool, local items in their gift stores. Check out their offerings for a really grown-up hostess gift.

Gold and red Christmas gift
Jennifer Barrow

3. A really nice box of chocolates - Your hostess isn't dreaming of a white Christmas she's dreaming of a box of Godiva. Let Forest Gump eat his drugstore box of chocolates.

Macro close-up of a gift box of gourmet chocolates.

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