It's not Christmas without some cookies! With all the goodies that come around during the holidays, I think gingerbread cookies are at the top of the list. Even if the taste isn't so great, the cute decorations make these cookies one of my favorites.

I used to decorate Christmas cookies with my mother every year. As I got older, I became lazy and I didn't put so much effort into creating funny little gingerbread characters.This year for my moms enjoyment, I want to make some cute ones for her to give away. Scanning the internet I found some funny ones that I may just have to copy.



A mermaid gingerbread cookie is too cute with a chocolate chip bra! Some just needs to bite off her legs to be accurate.


Ninja Turtle gingerbread man would probably be a favorite for kids and my older brothers.


I mustache you a question. Would you eat this evil looking monopoly man look-alive?


After all these cute idea, my laziness will probably kick in again and my cookies will end up looking like this. It still looks pretty good to me!

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