Some of us grew up in a family full of Dallas Cowboys fans. When it comes to El Paso, there are a ton of Dallas Cowboys fans around. I certainly remember game nights with my dad's side of the family and most of them including my mom are huge fans.

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I remember watching Emmitt James Smith III play for the Dallas Cowboys for many years. It was the year 1993 when I started getting into watching the Dallas Cowboys football games. But most of all mainly watched because of Emmitt James Smith III. You can see highlights of his career thanks to NFL Throwback's YouTube video below.

Although I have grown up since then I did move on and jump on the (former San Diego) now Los Angeles Chargers bandwagon. But if you're a Cowboys fan and an Emmitt James Smith III fan too, guess what? The Hall of Famer, businessman, and author will be in El Paso this fall.

The former Running Back for the Arizona Cardinals and Dallas Cowboys will headline the El Paso Chamber's 31st Annual Fiesta. Everyone should know Emmitt James Smith III is a respectable man that has over time used his fame for good causes. For example, he is very supportive of higher education through Pat and Emmitt Smith Charities.

Luckily, Dallas Cowboys fans would be thrilled to know the three-time Superbowl champion will be coming to El Paso. Emmitt James Smith III will be at the Paso Del Norte Hotel downtown on November 13. There are long-time Dallas Cowboys fans rejoicing about this news and counting down the days for his arrival. You can get more general information about Emmitth James Smith III coming to El Paso by clicking here.

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