Many years ago in 2010, a professional photographer in El Paso held a boycott hate photoshoot. It was during the time the new immigration law in Arizona came about. Which allowed police officers to detain anyone who they believed may have sneaked across the border.

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For a while, Arizona had gained a nickname, after all, that commotion which was being known as the "hate state" for some time. When all that happened a professional photographer David Quintanilla held a Boycott Hate photoshoot at his studio.

He had invited the public to stop by his studio that was off Montana and Sioux Dr. in 2010. David Quintanilla had locals wear neon pink handcuffs and paint the words Boycott Hate on their bodies.

via David Quintanilla Photography
via David Quintanilla Photography

The photoshoots are so much fun to participate in especially if you're all for equality. David Quintanilla took me and my sister's picture which you can see mine featured above.

Well, something somewhat similar to the Boycott Hate campaign will be coming to El Paso at the end of this month. The NOH8 Campaign will be held at Fairfield Inn & Suites by Marriott El Paso on March 30.

The open photoshoot will be from 6 pm to 8 pm which can be a solo photoshoot, or with a group of friends or even family. So if you would like to join the NOH8 Worldwide movement in El Paso make sure you wear a white shirt, are camera ready, and prepared to pose.

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