We all won't ever forget the time Whiz Khalifa got arrested in El Paso, Texas. It was the time Wiz Khalifa performed at Neon Desert Music Festival in 2014. Which you can refer to George Arsiaga's YouTube video. below.

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Then the following day, early Sunday morning, he was arrested at the El Paso International Airport. Clearly, the news about his arrest made headlines quick and left some of us worried if he would ever come back after that. Go ahead and cue in some music while you continue reading the rest of this story.

But what is cool about Wiz Khalifa is he certainly holds no grudges that's for sure. There was even a time when Wiz Khalifa was being interviewed and he gave a shout-out to one of the officers from the El Paso Police Department.

The topic was basically how the hell Wiz Khalifa managed to go from being locked up to on stage in a day. You can hear it for yourself by checking out Sway's Universe's YouTube video down below.

Wiz Khalifa is obviously letting bygones be bygones since he plans on returning to El Paso, Texas for another concert. You better believe you can see him and other artists performing on stage in El Paso at the Don Haskins Center.

Wiz Khalifa and Logic will be bringing the Vinyl Verse Tour 2022 on a special day, Wednesday, August 3. Now August 3, is a special day because it is the anniversary of the Walmart shooting in 2019.

So some may need something to help get their mind off of what that day reminds them of and what better way than a concert. If you've never seen Logic, let me just say he puts on a damn good show. Plus there will also be other guests performing before Wiz Khalifa and Logic.

I saw him at Botanica Music Festival in San Antonio on March 3, 2018, at Six Flags. The list of concerts rolling through El Paso this summer is off the hook. If you want to purchase your tickets to see Wiz Khalifa and Logic in El Paso just click here.

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