If all the stories you’ve heard about Concordia Cemetery being haunted as **** isn’t enough to convince you, maybe this photo of disembodied legs will.

The creepy image was caught on camera during a walking ghost tour at the historic burial ground. Heather Shade, founder of Lost El Paso Paranormal which leads costumed tours of haunted sites in and around El Paso, said her friend, Marcos Rey, photographed the figure during one of the groups Concordia Cemetery Ghosts & Gravestones Tour.

"I was doing photography for the group for their social media [and] I was capturing the group as the tour guide spoke to them," Rey told me via email.

According to both Rey and Shade, the photo was taken near the grave of Constable John Selman, best known by Wild West enthusiasts and Old El Paso history buffs as the person who shot and killed gunslinger John Wesley Hardin in the Acme Saloon in downtown El Paso in 1895.

“I was standing next to Selman's grave so I took a picture of the grave marker, then I took a few photos of the [tour] group.” After taking the first shot, he said he took a couple of seconds to change camera settings and then took a second group photo.

“I noticed the legs after I was reviewing my photos. I was floored.”

Marcos Rey
Marcos Rey

I asked Marco if it could have been someone walking towards the group -- perhaps someone he didn't notice as he was fiddling with his camera. “I am positive no one was walking up,” he replied. “The whole group was with the tour guide. I would have noticed and waited for the person to reach the group.”

And Photoshop? "I would not even know where to start to Photoshop something like that. If you look at the actual photo on my camera, which is not an app that manipulates, that is how it looks."

Shade has no doubt the pic is legit. “It was SO active [that night],” she remembers. “We had multiple people being poked and grabbed, and a few other interesting photos were taken as well.”

Concordia Ghost Legs

Maybe its some kind of camera malfunction or digital anomaly. I don't know enough about cameras or photography to venture a guess, but with a history that dates back to the 1880′s and more than its share of documented ghostly apparitions, shadow people, and disembodied voices over the years, I’m inclined to believe the ghostly legs photo is the real deal.

But as we say on Mike and Tricia Mornings when it comes to matters of the paranormal, we report, you decide.

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