Green Beer, Leprechaun pinches, four-leaf clover parties-an easy way to describe the popular Saint Patrick's Day celebrated annually on the 17th of March across the nation.

St. Patrick was really of British decent and was enslaved in Ireland.  After years of enslavement, his FREEDOM is celebrated on the day of his death.  St. Pat's began in Ireland celebrating nobleman St. Patrick!

Freedom Crossing St. Paddy's 3 day Festival is absolutely FREE!  The entire family is welcome to enjoy Irish/Celtic music, bagpipes, along with rock, r&b, and rockabilly.  The cuisine will be Irish, beer garden, and fun activities.  Details on how to get to the Fest can be found HERE!  It begins March 16-19 from 4 p.m. to 2 a.m.  Enjoy yourself and remember to have a designated driver, oh, Sláinte!

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