Today is the day for ladies who work the second shift. Men, start heating up the stoves or fire up those grills because it's your day to cook something up for your woman. No sandwiches, no fast food. Let's get some effort into those meals on National Men Make Dinner Day.

Don't get me wrong. Men do cook but some men choose to just leave it up to the ladies. It shouldn't take a national day for men to want to cook for the ones they love, but here we are.

If you do choose to celebrate this day, make sure to stick to the five officials rules, as told to you by this YouTube video.

Now that you know the rules, it sounds easy right? I few ingredients, some love and BAM, a meal. Now think about how your woman feels having to do this, everyday!

Take advantage to make something with love, in order to get some loving back. It's okay to give yourself a shout-out on social media to for your awesomeness, don't be shy.

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