The 'Will You?' ring is ridiculous. Yeah, I said it. I know us millennials have a hard time sticking to the traditional ways of our parents and grandparents and so on and so forth, but this is just wrong. If you can't put more effort into choosing an engagement ring, then should you really be getting married?

Helzberg Diamonds has come up with the perfect way to get your partner to slap you in the face. It is called the 'Will You?' ring and it cost $50. I rather pay for one from Peter Piper Pizza. The ring is a silver band with the sentence, "This is a ring, not the ring" engraved on it.

No. Just No. You might as well engrave it with, "So this is as much effort I will ever put into our relationship."

How does one even react to a ring like that? How does one even propose with a ring like that? According to Helzberg Diamonds, this ring was created to help the couple pick out the perfect ring together, because "it is the new way to get engaged." The only cool thing about it is you get extra savings when purchasing the actual ring but as someone who is a sucker for coupons, this won't even convince me to want this ring.

Oh, by the way, you only have 60 days after purchasing this ring to get the "perfect" ring so that is also another rush you don't need when picking out the perfect ring. Couples don't need that kind of pressure the same way no one needs an I.O.U. ring! Thanks for reading through my millennial meditation venting session.

Helzberg Diamonds
Helzberg Diamonds

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