El Paso has been given the title of the Sweatiest City in America, the city with the ugliest men, and a bunch of other unpleasant  titles, but now we have the chance to win a delicious title!

Men's Health magazine is looking for the Manliest Restaurant in America, and our very own Cattleman's Steakhouse is in the running!  There are four other supposably manly steakhouses in the running, but we know that Cattleman's is not only the best and manliest restaurant in the EP, but in the country!

I would share some pictures of Cattleman's with you, but they don't have any on their website, and in the Men's Health description, they say Cattleman's is so rural that they had to FedEx pictures of the place to the mag because they didn't have access to an email address!

After you follow the link to vote for this El Paso landmark, check out this feature the Travel Channel did on them!

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