We're recapping all six restaurants featured on the Travel Channel's Delicious Destinations.

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Did you know The Travel Channel was in El Paso for a segment of Delicious Destinations featuring celebrity chef and host Andrew Zimmern?

Andrew Zimmern is a celebrity chef, the creator, host, and co-executive producer of Travel Channel's Bizarre Foods, Delicious Destinations, and The Zimmern List.

Ruben Gomez
Ruben Gomez

Earlier this week, I was watching a marathon of Delicious Destinations, and, low and behold, the El Paso episode came up.

It turns out that the El Paso episode first aired during season 9 of Delicious Destinations, which aired on October 12, 2020, when the worldwide pandemic was in full effect, hence, why we're just finding out about his visit to the Sun City.

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Regardless, Andrew Zimmern still had a great time tasting the bold and delicious flavors of the borderland, trying everything from traditional fajitas to Menudo, rolled tacos, and entomatadas.

Zimmern said El Paso is where "Texas meets Mexico, discovering a vibrant history, iconic dishes, and one of the tastiest border towns in the world."

Ruben Gomez
Ruben Gomez

The following are all the six Mexican restaurants featured in Delicious Destinations.

Julio's Mexican Food

  • Ordered: Fajitas
  • Andrew Zimmern called Julio's fajitas "a little bit of heaven wrapped in a tortilla."

Cattleman's Steakhouse

  • Ordered: Cowboy Steak
  • Zimmern was fascinated by the working cattle ranch featuring its customized inclined gas-fired lava rocks grill serving some of the best steaks in the country.

L&J Café

  • Ordered: Entomatadas
  • With its proximity to Concordia Cemetery, there's a reason they say L&J's food is so good it can wake the dead. Andrew Zimmern agreed and discovered the difference between entomatadas (made with tomato) and its cousin, the enchilada (made with chile).

Chico's Tacos

Armando Vela
Armando Vela
  • Ordered: Rolled Tacos
  • Of course, Delicious Destinations had to hit up Chico's Tacos - a generational favorite across the borderland.

Little Diner

  • Ordered: Gorditas
  • Zimmern hit up another fan favorite in town, trying out the Gorditas at Little Diner in Canutillo. Calling the Gorditas pockets full flavor, Zimmern loved the crunchy exterior and warm and soft inside full of flavor.

Jalisico Cafe

  • Ordered: Menudo
  • Andrew Zimmern also hung out in Segundo Barrio while visiting Jalisco, where he tried the northern Mexican traditional dish, Menudo, which he called "undeniably unique."

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