Thanksgiving is a time when families come together to celebrate family, love, and the season of giving. *Insert dramatic pause* And then comes BLACK FRIDAY and all that love is thrown out the door!

Ok, maybe I’m being a bit dramatic but if you’ve ever been shopping on Black Friday you may agree with me.

Random fact about Black Friday; The day after Thanksgiving was originally given the name “Black Friday” in hopes of discouraging people to shop after Thanksgiving.

According to the story of Black Friday, the Philadelphia Police Department wanted to prevent hoards of people from shopping on the day after Thanksgiving so they came up with what they thought at the time would be an ominous title for the day. 

Welp, that didn’t work because Black Friday is one of the biggest shopping days for people.

Courtesy: Iris Lopez
Courtesy: Iris Lopez

El Pasoans Give The Top Reasons They Hate Black Friday Shopping:

Although Black Friday is not an official holiday, most people have turned it into a tradition after Thanksgiving and some people don’t play when it comes to getting items on sale during Black Friday.

Now, just because it’s a tradition for many doesn't mean these people love everything about Black Friday shopping.

I asked the people of El Paso to let us know the top reasons they despise Black Friday shopping and it’s safe to say we can all agree on most of these reasons:

"People People People."

-Diane Rayon

Yup. It’s amazing how we can go from being thankful one day to being rude the following day. All for materialistic items. 

"Have to get up early, it's cold out there, and you Park a mile away!"

-Patty Mendivil Monreal

THE COLD! That can ruin almost anything! And then when you have to park far away, the walk to the store from the parking lot just seems like forever.

"Grocery stores don’t join in. Not everything is on sale. And they run out of stuff on sale by like 10 am."

-Sandra Rodriguez.

Can we start a petition to have grocery stores put some groceries on sale for Black Friday? My bank account would greatly appreciate that.

"Besides people, the long lines to pay.” 

-Delenis Roman

Ah yes. You must add an extra hour to your schedule for every store because those lines will be long!

"Cause I'm always broke to do any shopping."

-Maritza Marquez

I agree with this one 100 PERCENT. Payday always comes either way before Black Friday or the week after so I never have enough funds to splurge on Black Friday. But if I’m being honest, that’s probably best.

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