From the Heart Animal Rescue is always posting photos telling the stories of the neglected animals they take care of and find new homes. Their way of storytelling through social media creates a connection with users who do more than just scroll. Recently a post by From the Heart Animal Rescue has gone viral.

A dog now named Benson was shot in the head and left for dead in East Mesa of Las Cruces.This poor doggy was shot in the right side of the head, with possibly an airgun or a low powered gun, according to Ruidoso news. After a couple of hard days, Benson showed some improvement but still is not out of the clear.

As Benson continues his recovery, he can at least be happy in a foster home while he works on trusting humans again. I have seen many comments about this story, basically saying "this is just a dog people, calm down." Well it is still a life. It was a cruel act. No living thing should have to suffer.

You can help donate to Benson's recovery by clicking this link.

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