As America emerges from the pandemic and re-opens its schools and colleges we've heard a lot regarding the physical health of educators, but what about their mental and emotional health?

What lessons will teachers and professors bring with them as they return to the classroom after a year of remote learning?

There is no one answer, but these and other questions deserve to be asked – and will be at the 20th annual Border Learning Conference this Thursday through Saturday.

Much like teaching in the pandemic, this year's Border Learning Conference will be a virtual event; but it is perhaps more necessary than it ever has been.

I was delighted to learn more from Crystal Robert, the steering committee chair for the event, hosted by El Paso Community College. Check out the full interview above, and click this link to sign up and learn more. The event is for educators but is open to the public.

One of the major themes will be how educators can best deal with the mental and emotional strain, especially if they're apprehensive about being back in a classroom and suddenly around hundreds – if not thousands – of people again. To that end, the BLC's keynote speaker is Dr. Peter DeWitt, a strong advocate for teachers and administrators on this very subject.

And, even as schools and universities reopen their doors, how much has remote learning changed the face of education?

Many questions, most with more than one answer; the perfect reason to hear plenty of both from the teachers, administrators and support staff who have lived and worked through a most challenging year.

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