Ascarate Park is closed today and tomorrow for a duck rescue. El Paso County officials say over 200 ducks live at the lake, but they aren't wild ducks, they are domesticated quackers who were abandoned by their owners at Ascarate.

People think that the ducks can fend for themselves in the wild, so they leave them at the lake, but Ascarate isn't their natural habitat. That means if the public doesn't feed them, a lot of the ducks will suffer from malnourishment, and a few have even died of starvation.

Another problem is some ducks have been seen with wounds. It's not know what caused them, but they make the ducks vulnerable to other attacks.

To prevent further duck dumping, the County will install signs that inform people that if they are caught abandoning any animal, it is a misdemeanor. Repeat offenders, or anyone caught abusing animals, could face felony charges.

The ducks will be quarantined for up to two weeks at the El Paso County Coliseum, and then placed in permanent homes. If you have domesticated waterfowl and can't take care of them, you can call the Stick House Sanctuary for help in finding another home for them. If you would like to take these domesticated ducks in, you can also call Stick House at (915)-219-2365.

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