El Paso is getting ready to bake in hot, summer temperatures, and sometimes it seems like there is no place in the county that is cool and green. But there is a park that you can check out that has water, vegetation, and tons of birds. It's the Rio Bosque Wetlands Park, and for much of the year, the park is dry and brown. But water has begun flowing into the bosque, and it is a cool space that will make you forget the summer heat for a little while.

The park is located at 10716 Socorro Road, and is home to thousands of ducks and water birds that have come back to the park now that there is water again. 405 million gallons of water a day flow into the bosque from the Bustamonte Wastewater Treatment Plant. All that water has revitalized the vegetation, and given the nearby wildlife something to drink and play in.

The park is open seven days a week, so take a drive down the valley and check out the Rio Bosque Wetlands Park.

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