For El Pasoans, every day is a day to love your pets, but specifically on February 20th, it’s a national holiday so it’s an even better excuse to smother your pet with some extra love!

National Love Your Pet Day, February 20th, is a day where not only dogs and cats can get some love, but every other pet in existence!

Ever wondered where your pet stands on the popularity scale? A Pet Marketing Agency did the digging for us and of course up at the top with a whopping 40%, our canine companions took the gold medal for the most popular pets in America!

Coming in second at 25%, our feline friends prove that they're not far behind in the race for our hearts.

But what about the less conventional pets? At 8%, fish splash their way into our homes and hearts, proving that you don't need fur to be loved. (But just make sure not to overfeed them… speaking from personal experiences.)


Now, how do we express our undying affection for our beloved pets?

El Pasoans have plenty of different ways they show love and affection to their pets but number one on the list, and this survey's list, was simply playing with their pet.

1️ Playing with them (15%)
2️ Showering them with treats and gifts (13%)
3️ Cuddling up close (12%)

Samuel Girven via Unsplash
Samuel Girven via Unsplash


And when it comes to finding a perfect partner, pet-related traits play a significant role. According to the survey, here's what makes someone extra attractive in the eyes of pet lovers:

1️ Treating their pet like family (22%)
2️ Showing affection to animals (19%)
3️ Being a proud pet parent (12%)

So, whether you're a dog devotee, a cat connoisseur, or a lover of all creatures great and small, let's celebrate the joy our pets bring into our lives on this National Love Your Pet Day!

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