In honor of National Burrito Day, we're looking for the best burritos and asking: Are these really the best burrito spots in town?

Viva El Burrito! 

Edward Gallardo III

It may be April Fool's today, but there's no joking around when it comes to finding the best burrito in town.

It's no secret that El Paso is home to some of the most authentic Mexican cuisine around. Even celebrity chefs like Padma Lakshmi (Host of Top Chef) know that El Paso is the place to score a delish burrito, as seen in the first episode of her latest Hulu show, Taste the Nation.

Hulu Press

Burritos can very well be the perfect food; they are compact, can adapt to any meal, and travel exceptionally well.  Whether it be for breakfast, lunch, dinner, or anytime in between, you can never go wrong with a pillowy and flavorful stuffed burrito. 

Speaking of flavor, the combination of ingredients is endless, from huevos con chorizo (eggs and seasoned pork sausage) to brisket, beans, and cheese; you name it, burritos can be customized to anyone's taste and preference. 

Raul Taborda

As we celebrate one of the best days ever, there’s no better place to get your burrito fix than in El Paso, TX. 

With so many combinations to choose from on National Burrito Day, we’re asking – are these really the 5 best burrito spots in El Paso (per YELP)? Tell us what you think.

Top 5 Best Burrito Spots In El Paso: 


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