First the good news. I lost 2 pounds yesterday. I met some great friends for dinner at Jaxson's last night. You will never guess what I ate! Nothing! Just water. OK. I did eat two tostadas from someone else's plate. My friends were offering food from their plates (I guess they felt sorry for me) so I took I few bites but I wasn't hungry. It's really strange to be on this juice diet. My stomach suddenly realizes it;s completely empty and I feel the need to eat. A few minutes later, that feeling is gone. Well, its time to make my "mean green" breakfast. Its going to be a great day outside so I plan to work around my house. I'm not on the air today. I have worked at KISS for two weeks straight. Time for a day off! I'm looking forward to it. I hope I lose another few pounds today. How are you doing with you diet? Are you on a "juice diet"? Please let me know and I will keep you posted as well.

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