If you are working on keeping your New Year's resolution to get back into shape and think that means never eating anything sweet again, guess again. Here are three delicious, easy, and light on the calories hacks you can use to help you tame your sweet tooth, and give you a taste of chocolate to keep you on your diet!

All you need is coffee, milk, yogurt, hot cocoa mix, and a couple of flavored extracts.  Switch them up night to night to keep your hand out of the cookie jar, and your buns of steel ready for bikini weather!  Keep those calories low so you can join us January 28th at the Camino Real Hotel for A Chocolate Affair and indulge in some really amazing chocolate treats.

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    Flavored Hot Chocolate

    A mug of hot chocolate is delicious on it's own, but, add a dash of flavored extract and it becomes extra yummy.  A teaspoon of cinnamon in your cocoa mix gives you a peppermint hit.  Try a teaspoon of hazelnut for a non-alcoholic Fra Angelico treat.  A teaspoon of orange gives a little citrus hint to your hot chocolate.

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    Cocoa Up Your Yogurt

    Night time is the right time for a delicious dessert, but if you're trying to watch your weight, try a teaspoon of caramel extract in a cup of plain greek or regular yogurt for a really decadent, dulce de leche treat!  Sprinkle a few chopped nuts on top for crunch.

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    Homemade Carmel Mocha Coffee

    If you don't want to head out in the cold to Starbucks for a coffee fix, splash a teaspoon and a half of carmel extract into some milk warmed in the microwave, and top with a swirl of chocolate flavored whipped cream.  Just a bit of whipped cream won't add too many calories.  If you want something different, put everything in a blender with some ice and turn it into a frappuccino!