Want to get active this weekend? Head on out to the Health Expo in Las Cruces this weekend. Meet Jeff and Franci from season 14 of the Biggest Loser!

You've seen the inspirational hit show on television and now you can feel like you're in the Biggest Loser! This weekend in Las Cruces at the Las cruces Convention Center is the Health Expo. With tons of vendors ranging from weight loss products to cross fit demonstrations to the 5k! Sign up and be a part of one of the largest 5k's to hit Las Cruces. There will also be a fun run for the kids and so much more.

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And if The Biggest Loser is your thing, head out to see Jeff and Franci from season 14 of the Biggest Loser. They will be talking about maintaining a healthy lifestyle with exercise and diet tips. You can register for the event up to that morning. No excuses! Get active this weekend in Las Cruces. SIGN UP for the race HERE!

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