Are you looking for healthier alternative to keep your New Years Resolution alive? Check out these 5 local and healthy restaurants that won't break the bank or your belt buckle. 

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    The Green Ingredient

    The Green Ingredient is an organic restaurant that focuses on the health and well being of their patrons. They offer a menu free of GMOs (genetically modified organisms), chemicals, trans-fats additives and artificial coloring. I have been several times and their smoothies are great for on the go. Their breakfast smoothie is one of my favorites. Their menu also includes whole grains. fresh fruits and vegetables. The Green Ingredient is located downtown inside the Chase building.

    201 E. Main Street, Suite 112
    El Paso, Texas 79901
    (915) 298-1010

    Hours of Operation:

    Monday- Friday 7am -3pm, reopen on Friday's only from 5pm-9pm.

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    The Healthy Pizza Company

    I love pizza just as much as the next Ninja Turtle, so I was a little apprehensive to try a healthier alternative. The atmosphere in this place is really nice and relaxing and the pizza was OMG amazing. Their crust is made in house and uses 100 percent organic whole wheat. Their sauces are so rich and are also made in house to perfection. They have vegetarian options, and a Paleo crust that is amazing. They lean meats and cheeses to reduce calories and saturated fats. The pizzas are baked to perfection right in front of your eyes and in under 3 minutes. My personal to die for recommendation would be the Skinny Devil, which includes spicy marinara, grilled chicken, and hatch green chili.

    3800 N. Mesa, Ste C9
    El Paso, TX 79902
    (915) 500-3134

    Hours of Operations:

    Monday 11am-3pm

    Tue-Thu 11am-8pm

    Fri-Saturday 11am-9pm

    Sun- 12:30pm-5:30pm

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    T Coasters

    This one of my favorite Eastside hidden gems. Their smoothies and food is beyond delicious. You can't even tell that this stuff is good for you. They are a family owned and operated and provide only the best quality ingredients to their customers. The price points are all very affordable, most of their items are under 10 dollars. The salmon sandwich is my favorite and their smoothies are blended to perfection. They just moved locations and their door will reopen soon. Their new location is  9530 Viscount Ste 1AA.

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    Juice It El Paso

    This place is a great place for a student like myself to grab your lunch and go. Juice It El Paso believes in a holistic approach to maintain wellness and fitness. They have a slew of smoothie options but they also encourage their customers to go "off the blend" and create their very own smoothie experience. If your appetite is ravenous they also have sandwich options available. Smoothies can get expensive but their menu is priced very reasonably. My personal recommendation is the Elvis is dreaming smoothie. Ingredients include, non-fat milk, bananas,peanut butter,nonfat yogurt and fat burning protein. They have now have three locations, two of which are located on The UTEP campus at the College of Health Sciences, and inside the recreation center. Are you off campus and looking a location? Perfect, visit them inside Push Fitness located behind Guitar Center. Call 915.549.2367 for hours of operation.

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    Healthy Bite

    Healthy Bite offers a variety of amazing breakfast parfaits,sandwiches and gyros. The ambiance is very cute and quiet. A great place to grab a quick bite when you are downtown. Their portion size is good and their prices are very seasonable, and just in case you are stuck inside your office for lunch their also deliver. They are located at 117 N. Stanton inside the International Building. Call 915.351.1700 for takeout or more information.


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