It's been an eventful couple of weeks for Amanda Bynes. Her privates were nearly murdered and she might be getting pudgy, so it only makes sense that she's under a little stress.

Now she's threatening to sue gossip bloggers on, uh, some legal ground she hasn't thought of yet.

On Thursday, March 28, the ex-Nickelodeon star tweeted:

"I'm suing @usweekly & @perezhilton for continuing to act like I'm doing something wrong by tweeting and walking to photoshoots. F--k you!!!!"

Nothing too interesting about that, except Us Weekly reported that she had a shirt over her head and was "walking into things because she couldn't see." The magazine, as well as several other outlets, were all over the story like Amanda Bynes on a Drake sex doll.

But focus: She mentioned selfies. Here are the shots she claims were taken before the Times Square incident:

And perhaps she had a visit from the Jimmy Dean sausage sun that morning, because she capped off the pics with this:

So after the run-in with the paps, she decided to beat them at their own game by taking grainy, dim MySpace pictures with the flash on. That'll show 'em.

She also sent out some rather cryptic (and decidedly co-dependent) messages in between, like these:

Okay then. But how many licks does it take to get to the center of a Tootsie Pop?


After brushing up on her jurisprudence, it appears she's ready to take bloggers to court for accurately reporting on her behavior (the gall!). But we're not too worried. We've spared no expense and already retained Lindsay Lohan's rock star lawyer.

Come at us, bros.

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